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An effective marketing strategy is a critical component of selling your home quickly and for top dollar. Prior to listing your property, a marketing plan is developed with a special focus on the following features: square footage, lot size, location of neighbourhood, demographics and market conditions. Our goal is to ensure that you receive the highest purchase price possible in the shortest amount of time.

Online presense.

Your property will be showcased on high traffic portals such as,,, and many more.

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When you list with use we go the extra mile to get you the best price possible in the shortest amount of time.

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On average, staged homes sell for 3-5% more.

Home Staging Services

Complimentary staging services are offered to help maximize a listed property’s selling potential.

Here are some of the benefits of staging homes:

  • Staged homes sell for 3% - 5% more than homes that are not staged.
  • Staged homes spend half as much time on the market compared to homes that are not staged.
  • Buyers that have viewed a staged home online are 46% more willing to follow-up with a walkthrough appointment in person.
  • 81% of buyers find it easy to visualize the property as a future home when it is staged.

Professionally photographed properties receive 61% more views online.


90% of all interested buyers begin their search online for a property to purchase. This means that the quality of photos taken and included in a listing can influence a prospective buyer’s decision to view the property in person and, ultimately, make an offer.

Investing in professional real estate photography is considered as important as any other aspect of the business. High quality photographs attract more qualified, serious buyers to not only an online listing, but in person, and will help your property sell quicker and potentially for a higher purchase price; it is part of the overall brand and marketing strategy.

Here are some interesting statistics about professional real estate photography:

  • Professional photographs receive an average of 61% more views online than nonprofessional photographs.
  • A real estate photographer will know how to properly showcase your home and highlight features that a potential buyer may be interested in.
  • The average amount of time your home is on the market can also significantly decrease by using a professional photographer.

State-Of-The-Art 4k Video Tours

As a seller, imagine having a virtual open house of your property that’s accessible to prospective buyers at all times of the day. A 4k video tour allows for interested prospects to essentially complete an online ‘walk through’ of a home at their convenience, often resulting in attracting qualified and serious buyers who are more likely to submit an offer

A 4k video tour is posted on the MLS,,, RE/MAX, YouTube and Google. It is also used on many other online platforms in order to attract a greater number of potentials buyers.

Aerial Photography

Aerial photos can allow a prospective buyer to appreciate the size and scope of your home and surrounding landscape, which will capture their interest and encourage them to view the property in person. If it is deemed suitable for your property, we will include this as a complimentary service. With hundreds of houses listed on the market, differentiating your listing is extremely important.

Twilight Photography

Professional real estate photos taken at dusk often captures facets of a home that daytime photos are unable to. That short transitionary period in a given day from light to dark produces some of the most beautiful exterior shots of a property, often showcasing a warm light and soft glow, and highlighting things like landscaping and architectural design. Twilight Photos are not often seen on the MLS and can make your property stand out in order to attract more serious potential buyers.

Feature Magazine for Your Property

A feature magazine showcases various aspects of a property for sale and lists its distinctive attributes, including amenities in the surrounding neighbourhood (e.g., schools, shopping malls, grocery stores, restaurants). This provides potential buyers with a visual representation of what a property has to offer in order to make an informed decision whether to purchase it or not.

Here is a sample of a property’s Feature Magazine

Print Media

For marketing and advertising purposes, there is still a large demographic who attribute value to print media versus digital media when it comes to new real estate listings and open house information. For this reason, my team and I have partnered with various local newspapers and real estate magazines, including the following, to ensure that this information is readily available:

Homes and Lane

Vaughan Citizen

Real Estate Free Guide

The Guardian newspaper

Open Houses

Open houses are an important marketing method in showcasing a home to potential buyers. Sellers have the option to hold one or more open houses with a registered real estate salesperson from my team, in addition to advertising through MLS,, all social media outlets, print media and open house road signage. A state-of-the-art 4k video will also be created for and shared with thousands online.

Online Presence

Popular real estate marketing platforms, like the MLS and, are used to market properties that are for sale. However, there is also the option of having a paid online presence in which my team and I advertise through well-known high traffic real estate websites, such as,,, and, for a fee, in order to drive greater visibility and interest, and attract serious offers

In addition, we market properties through Google AdWords, which generates a significant increase in leads compared to other marketing channels. also sees thousands of visitors per month who will be able to view your property on the ‘Featured Listings’ page.

Social Media

To market a property that is for sale, my team and I use various social media platforms, but also pay to advertise your property specifically on channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest.

A specific service, CityBlast, is also used, which allows your property’s listing to be posted not only on my social media channels, but also on other real estate salespersons’ Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts in order to gain greater visibility and attract more interest.

International Exposure

As a member of an elite group of real estate salespersons with access to marketing exposure globally, I have the capability to attract millions of potential foreign buyers through 108 portals in 65 countries. I am also able to generate foreign leads to my website through blogs and current marketing efforts

Listings are also featured on & RE/MAX Global, which allows buyers to view a particular listing in 36 languages, across 133 countries, with prices shown in 45 different currencies. RE/MAX is the number one international real estate brand and sells the most real estate worldwide.

‘Just Listed’ Postcards

Create buzz in a neighbourhood about a property with ‘Just Listed’ postcards. If you choose to hold an open house, this method may attract potential buyers already living within the same neighbourhood who are looking to upsize or downsize. It is also a great way to entice family members and friends of neighbours to consider relocating to the same great community.

E-mail Marketing

In a given month, my website sees thousands of visitors, many of which sign up to view listed properties that are of interest to them based on individual search criteria they have selected. Because of this, I am able to understand exactly which properties are being viewed on my website and can follow-up, via email, to prospective buyers with upcoming listings that may also be of interest to them.

I also email top realtors within a listed property’s neighbourhood, as well as my network of realtor colleagues and friends, to spread awareness and generate interest. On top of this, I distribute an email with all new daily real estate listings to approximately 650 RE/MAX real estate salespersons.

Home Cleaning Services

When preparing your home to be listed for sale, it is critical to declutter and clean it thoroughly, which is often considered a daunting task for many sellers. Decluttering is the process of depersonalizing your home (e.g., removing family photos, eliminating excess furniture) to allow prospective buyers to envision themselves living in it. This is why we offer a complimentary cleaning service. My cleaning partners know how to deep clean a house and prepare it for market. Offering this service is one of the many ways my team and I help to alleviate the stress a seller may experience when listing their home.


This relatively dated method of cold calling or telemarketing still works well. Thousands of real estate salespersons and companies continue to engage in this practice to generate leads, including myself, to inform neighbours about a current listing in their neighbourhood and an upcoming open house. If you consider the number of people who rent or are looking to downsize, upsize and/or locate a home for a family member, there is value in reaching out to those residing within that listed property’s surrounding neighbourhood.

Nurture Buyers

It is important to generate leads and nurture prospects to ensure a positive outcome for each party involved in a real estate transaction. This is made possible through the extensive knowledge, expertise and experience my team and I have in managing all facets of the home selling and buying processes. We pre-qualify all buyers with a well-known and reputable mortgage specialist before presenting any offers to the seller(s).

Negotiate to get You the Best Price Possible

When you list with my team, we ensure that your house is priced to sell in order to receive the greatest value possible in the shortest amount of time. Over thousands of deals have been negotiated by my team and I, and we possess all of the tools and skills necessary to successfully sell your home.

Even after all of the required documentation is signed and processed, my team and I will remain accessible to ensure a smooth closing. We follow-up with lawyers, the buyer’s realtor and financial institutions and/or lenders involved to meet the strict timelines involved, so all parties are satisfied. We work, on your behalf, to avoid the unnecessary stress often involved at final closing.

Ongoing Communication

It is important to be kept informed throughout the entire process, which is why we have created systems to regularly update you regarding showing appointments and feedback, marketing results for your property and local market trends, as well as upcoming and recently sold listings in your neighbourhood, while your house is on the market.Weekly updates, either over the phone or as an in-person meeting, is always afforded as an option when you list with us.

Smooth Closing

Even after all of the paperwork is signed and all of the documents are with your Lawyer, we will still be around to make sure we have a smooth closing. We will follow up with your lawyers, buyer’s realtor and bankers to get the deal closed on time and make sure everyone is doing there required job. If you have purchased or sold a home before you may have experienced some turbulence, we take it upon ourselves to avoid the unnecessary stress at final closing.


When it comes to commission structure, we strive to offer a competitive advantage over other real estate agents in the industry. Various custom-built packages are available depending on your needs, the type of property being listed and current market conditions.

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