Best Neighbourhoods in Toronto & Surroundings


Finding the best neighbourhood in Toronto for you and your family will depend on many factors. You may have specific requirements to be met to be classified as the best neighbourhood for you. We have created a free interactive tool that will help you figure out the best neighbourhood in the Greater Toronto Area. Imagine finding the perfect community that will meet your needs, such as high-ranking schools, proximity to work and your parent's place, and amenities that matter most to you. With this free tool, we'll take an in-depth look at four major components that affect homeownership decisions: schools, commute time, amenities in the neighbourhood, and budget.

Click Here to access this free tool or watch the video below to learn how it works.

Four essential components to this software

1. Travel Time- you can add your workplace, parent's home, place or workshop and how far you would like to be from these places by walking, bus, car, or bike.

2. School Ratings- If schools are important to you, we will find a neighbourhood with excellent schools. You can choose between public school, catholic school, french emersion, etc.

3. Facilities in your Neighbourhood- Is having a dog park, golf course, gym, community center important to you? Well, these are just some of the choices to select from

4. Budget & Home Type- Select the type of home you are looking for, the number of bedrooms and your ideal budget.

Click Here to access the free tool.

Steps to using the tool

Step 1- Visit this link. Click Here
Step 2- Click on Get Started

Best Neighbourhoods in Toronto

Step 3-Type in the address you would like to be close to, i.e. your workplace, parent's place, etc.

You will be able to add multiple places.

Best Neighbourhoods in Toronto

Step 4- Select your preferred travel method.

Best Neighbourhoods in Toronto

Step 5- Desired time frame from your preferred location

Best Neighbourhoods in Toronto

Once you have completed this step, you can add more frequently travelled locations or click on Next Step.

Step 6-Select if schools are schools essential for you too?

If they are then, you will be given plenty of choices, such as what type of schools. Public, Private, Catholic or special alternative

Grade Levels- Elementary, Middle, High school

You can then select if you only want Top Ranking School, Average or No, scores don't matter

Select if you are interested in any special programs such as French Emersion, Montessori, etc.

Best Neighbourhoods in Toronto

Step 7- Are parks and sports facilities important to you?

Select all the ones that apply to you and click next

Best Neighbourhoods in Toronto

Step 8-Select your budget on the sliding scale.

Best Neighbourhoods in Toronto

Step 9- Select your preferred bedrooms and washrooms requirements.

Best Neighbourhoods in Toronto

Step 10-Select the type of property you would like to purchase, ie. Detached, Semi-Detached, etc.

Best Neighbourhoods in Toronto

Step 11-Now you can see all of the Neighbourhoods that match your criteria. The highlighted section shows you the number of listings that match your criteria and the number of suitable neighbourhoods for you and your family.

Best Neighbourhoods in Toronto

Step 12- You can now see all of the homes that match your criteria in a specified neighbourhood by clicking on "View Matches on Map,"  or you can adjust the filters.

Best Neighbourhoods in Toronto

Don't forget to give us some feedback- Whether you found this tool helpful, we would love to hear from you.

If you need help finding the right house don't hesitate to contact me directly. You can reach me at 647-576-2100.